What we are about

We are about spreading the good news about Jesus Christ. Our goal is to reach and assist people in need. The gospel is about loving God first and we are commanded to love one another. Getting saved has really made my life complete and at LOVEONEANOTHER MINISTRIES, we are working to bring souls into the body of Christ.  This ministry is new, but the word of God has always and will always be the same. It is our foundation. We are looking for disciples to join and support this ministry. We pray that God's will and purpose be done. We are just vessels willing to be used by God. Personally I will quickly confess that I am not worthy, perfect nor without sin. I am nothing of myself so I won't boast. I am saved by Grace. The excellency is of God and not of us. We invite you to join us in lifting up Jesus throughout the community. Bring your talents, gifts and anointings to LOVEONEANOTHER MINISTRIES, and let God use you. Our vision is to feed the hungry, serve the homeless through empowerment and speak peace to our community. Our mission is to make disciples that will witness and multiply the kingdom of God. Sow seeds and faithfully wait on a harvest. We believe in the creation, the fall caused my sin, the rescue by Jesus dying on the cross for the remission of sin, and restoration by grace. We have a biblical worldview and the cross is the center of our mission. We will devote our services to assist with natural disasters, food drives, fundraisers and whatever God gives us to do.